coming events

Tiger Room Salon (October)might be fun


5 thoughts on “coming events

  1. Maggie says:

    am snuggled up in bed w my reading glasses and Seven Moves. I’m late to your work but devoured Aquamarine and Lucky In The Corner. brought them down to my daughter at IU. thank you for such good stuff. and for being the kind of author I can share w my daughter!

  2. Diann Bauer says:

    I recently retired and decided to visit the library for authors I have enjoyed. My sister gave me Aquamarine MANY years ago so I wrote down your name and found Carry the One, which I am really liking. I particularly like it when the origin of the title comes out in the book. I’ll definitely read all your work. Thank you!
    PS: Also love it when one can interface with an author online or at signings. I have read all Ann Patchett’s books and have never been able to tell her how much I appreciated her description of Johnny Carson’s smile.

  3. Diann Bauer says:

    On page 196 of The Magician’s Assistant: Carson was at his desk, smiling his closed-mouth smile that was slightly embarrassed and completely knowing.
    I particularly appreciated this because my dad had that same “pre-laughter” expression, when he knew something was about to go down and was trying not to show it. He looked a little like J.C. as well.
    I finished Carry the One and I liked how Alice ended up with the good relationship and seemed to be destined to be happy with it. I really wish that would happen to me. Both parts.
    Can you say something about how this concept of the title came to you? Would the one be symbolic of the girl? And who are your favorite authors? I know, I give you one morsel of information and ask for a couple essays in return.

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