the tiger salon

this was an excellent experience. chris green opens his house to writers reading from work they have in progress and others who might offer help or, in my case, direction toward an ending. hearty attendance, a warm setting and a relaxed atmosphere. hats off to chris, and to cin salach for putting this event together.

new paintings


this painting is an homage to the work of the dutch painter marlene dumas who does a lot with underarticulated faces.

it’s from a snapshot of me and my brother on our visit to the seminole reservation. he was totally bored. I was so excited and earnest, I thought wearing my own native american costume with its plastic fringe would help me make friends with these children.

IMG_20150520_153042 (1)

this portrait is from a photo of t.e. lawrence. the photo captures his enigmatic nature and I hope my painting does, too.

new paintings


these are both from b&w photos.  the above has written at the bottom of the snapshot: “couple in a voodoo trance.” I’m thinking it is from the 1940s, maybe new orleans where voodoo trances are thick on the ground.

baththe woman in her bath is, I think, from england or france during ww2.


I spent june in amsterdam, writing, but also biking [fell 3 times; definitely getting better at falling] and watching the skies, which are higher there, the clouds always on the move over this land by the north sea. I love summer so much, can’t stand when it starts running out.